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The London Buddhist, No.1 - The 'Dharmic Receptivity' Issue

On Wed, 20 August, 2014 - 16:58
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The first edition of a new Buddhist magazine from London!

We start with poet Michael Symmons Roberts talking about the sacred nature of things and what we are drawn towards.

Continuing the literary theme, Ollie Brock reviews the book ‘The Science Delusion’, which explores the nature of belief and science’s role in it.

Satyadasa launches into the relationship between inner mind and outer world, and explores the relationship between the environment and the mind, shedding light into a highly complex area of thought and action.

We also have an interview with Nagarakshita conducted just before she headed off on a 9-month solitary retreat; asking her how this helps the world, and exploring how mind affects experience as part of living a simple life.

And a poignant obituary of an old friend of the LBC offers a final teaching on the fleeting, transient nature of life.

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