Portsmouth Buddhist Center

Community Morning - Soaring, Resonating

On Thu, 30 June, 2016 - 20:38
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This week we’ll be continuing our exploration of the role of imagination in Dharma practice - using the Brahma Viharas series of meditations as a basis for looking at how we respond to whatever arises via the mind and the five senses through the course of our days.

Mudita (‘sympathetic joy’) is an attitude to others we can cultivate anytime. The quality we’re looking for can be rendered as a “joyful resonance”. The image is of the lark ascending, the music of its song, and the possibilities for joy within us, even through difficulties, if we choose it. 

Come and help build our community here on the Seacoast!

Meet at the PBC, Sunday July 3rd 10am-12pm

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