Welcome to Oxford Buddhist Centre - Buddhism and Meditation in Oxford

You can find our main website at www.oxfordbuddhistcentre.com

Looking to transform your life? Become more confident, energetic, wise and compassionate? We’re a friendly group based in central Oxford who are putting the Buddha’s ancient wisdom into practice in our lives.

We meet in Peace House, situated in Oxford city centre.

Tuesday Drop-In Meditation 6-7pm
Come along for a creative and informal intro to meditation.

The two main forms of meditation we teach are the Mindfulness of Breathing (anapanasati) and the Cultivation of Loving-Kindness (metta bhavana): practices which enable us to become more whole-hearted, confident and energetic. No prior experience of meditation is required - just show up!

Attendance is without charge but donations are appreciated and enable us to continue offering meditation classes in future.
Suggested Donation ~£5

Tuesday Sangha Night 7-9.30pm
This is for anyone who wants to take their regular practice to the next level. Each week there will be a 40-minute meditation sit. We’ll develop insight into the Buddha’s singular vision of liberating ourselves from unsatisfactoriness and breaking through to the supreme bliss of nirvana. All are welcome though the inexperienced will find it useful to attend the Drop-in Meditation class first.
Suggested Donation £5-£10

Generosity - living the spirit of Buddhism
The Oxford Buddhist Centre is founded on generosity. Giving is a core Buddhist practice in itself which, like meditation, can help us to see a bigger picture and connect with others. It’s also a lot of fun! We encourage all those who attend our events to join in this stream of generosity. At the moment you can do this by making donations towards our running costs, help us setting up events, supporting classes and hosting socials. And there are always new projects coming up - come along and get stuck in!

Getting to us
The address for Peace House is 19 Paradise Street, Oxford, OX1 1LD. Located in the heart of Oxford it is easily accessible by public transport. Unfortunately no car parking is available at the House though there is a place to secure bikes.


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