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Tuesday Meditation Course - Mindfulness, All Flavours!

On Fri, 21 November, 2014 - 22:51
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Over the next four Tuesdays, our course for regular meditators will be looking at mindfulness (sati, sampajanna, appamada, call-it-what-you-will!) in the context of the Five Spiritual Faculties. This will also give us a chance to explore the area of ‘breadth and focus’ in meditation, as well as generally develop and maybe even flex the great heart muscle of the spiritual life - “with mindfulness, strive on!”

Tuesdays until December 16th: 2.30pm EST/7.30pm UK (courses primarily for those who know the two main practices we focus on, facilitated by Candradasa).

How to connect
We’ve been experiencing unsatisfactory performance with Skype for meditation for some time, so we’ve decided for now to experiment with using Google Hangout only. Join us via our Google + page (you will need a Google account of some kind and may have to add us to your circles. Click ‘hangouts’ in the event posting on our page each week).

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