Welcome to Karuna Fundraisers

Who we are:

Karuna, a charity inspired by Buddhist values, works alongside the most excluded people in South Asia, overcoming discrimination with locally-led education, gender equality and sustainable livelihood projects.

Our roots:

In 1980, a small group of Buddhists travelled home to the UK, deeply moved by the suffering they had witnessed among the very poor, Dalit communities in Maharashtra, India and inspired by the teachings of social reformer Dr. Ambedkar.

Deciding they needed to act, they began fundraising in the UK while living together in a community to save money. Before long, a new form of door-to-door fundraising based on the non-violent principles of Buddhism began to emerge and Aid for India, today known as Karuna, was created.

Help us to continue this lineage of fundraising:

Volunteer fundraisers for Karuna have introduced thousands of committed individuals across the UK to Karuna’s work on their doorsteps.

Please consider giving 6-weeks of your time to help some of the most excluded communities escape generations of poverty and discrimination.

Fundraising for Karuna will change your life too!

Contact Sanghamani 0207 6973017 or email appeals@karuna.org


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