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Knock knock - change lives!

In India 200 million Dalits (previously known as ‘untouchables’), face enormous discrimination and poverty caused by the caste system and the attitudes that underpin it.

Karuna was founded in 1980 when a group of English Buddhists witnessed the inhumane conditions of Dalits living in the slums of Pune, near Mumbai. They began Karuna with the aim of providing support and empowerment for India’s Dalit community.

Volunteer fundraisers for Karuna have introduced thousands of committed individuals across the UK to the plight of India’s Dalits, and Karuna’s work on their doorsteps.

Please consider giving 6-weeks of your time to help India’s Dalits escape generations of poverty and discrimination.

Fundraising for Karuna will change your life and someone in India too!

Contact Sanghamani 0207 6973017 or email appeals@karuna.org