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An Update from Karuna

On Fri, 9 December, 2022 - 12:39
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Centre Team

Hello, I’m Srirajni (pictured left in the image) and I wanted to give a little update on the recent changes at Karuna

Some of you will know Steven Murdoch, who has led our fundraising team at Karuna for an incredible 10 years. He is stepping down and into new ventures both within and outside Karuna.  

To guide Karuna’s fundraising team into the future, I’m excited to be stepping into the role of Joint Head of Fundraising alongside Louise Thomas (who some of you may know from the LBC and now Norwich). Karuna is a large ship nowadays and, as I work at my best in collaboration, I was confident that another team member would bring skills that are natural to her and a working ground for me. Louise and I are looking forward to build upon Steven’s fantastic work over the last decade as we enter a new phase of opportunity at Karuna.  

It is hard to put into words just how much Karuna means to me. I remember when I volunteered at my first Karuna door-to-door appeal. I had volunteered and worked in the charity and public sectors since I was sixteen and had become almost cynical about door-to-door fundraising and the ethics of charity in general. I approached the Karuna appeal wondering whether ethical fundraising was even possible. The lessons I learnt about sensitivity, responsiveness and patience – beautifully exemplified by my appeal leader at the time, Kusaladevi – left an indelible mark on me and relit my confidence that compassionate, ethical fundraising was not only possible, it was necessary.  

Today, it’s incredible to be part of a team that feels as passionate about this approach, and the work we do, as I do. In fact, we recently had one of our annual, in-person team retreats, led by Paramananda at Vajrasana. We’re a diverse team of practice, yet the strengths, love and care for one another shone so brightly in such conditions. The red thread that binds us to each other, to the communities we support in South Asia and to the supporters we meet on the doors felt strong, flexible and vibrant.  

Perhaps reading this has evoked some positive memories for you, whether it’s of doing a door-to-door appeal, or of knowing others who have come before and pioneered Karuna’s history. Of course, everything we do is only possible because of those who, like you, continue to support us. Louise and I are grateful for this opportunity to contribute to Karuna’s incredible lineage towards a shared vision of easing suffering and discrimination in the world - ready for those that will one day follow us. 

Thank you



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Sadhu Srirajni and Louise for stepping in this new role. May you be both happy and successful in it and may you thrive spiritually. 

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Great to hear you’re taking this on Srirajni, I hope you really enjoy it.  Karuna do great work.