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Beyond limits: 2021 Karuna Appeal applications now open

On Fri, 14 January, 2022 - 10:48
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Do you want to live this year with deeper meaning and purpose?

To develop more kindness, with others.. for others..

and move beyond ways that limit you?

For over fourty years people in our community have choosen to deepen their practice by joining a Karuna fundraising appeal team. Many have said that doing an appeal was one of the most significant and transformative times of their dharma lives.

Fundraising as a spiritual practice means remembering to open to what’s alive in each moment, meeting fear with metta and finding connection through awareness and empathy. 

It’s a practice that gives you a way of wholeheartedly living the dharma in the world.  You get to be part of a team, practice right livelihood, deepen your practice AND raise money to transform the lives of some of the most marginilised communities in South Asia. An average volunteer fundraiser can raise on average £20,000 during a six- week appeal. Could that be you?

We are running four non-residential appeals in London this year. I’m asking you to help to make this happen. We can offer you a generous financial support package to make it possible. 

Is there a friend or a group you are part of that would be open to doing this together. I know that friendships created working alongside each other on an adventure like this can be significant. 

Fundraising as a spiritual practice can help deepen and transform lives - including yours!

With metta Sanghamani


12th  May -  25th June: led by Varabandhu

7th    July -  20th August: led by Sanghanath

8th   Sept -  22nd Oct: led by Gina


30th May - 8th July: led by Sanghamani 

All appeals are London based, non-residential and mixed gender

If you have any questions please get in touch:

appeals [at] karuna.org

To find out more



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