Karuna Fundraisers

‘Doorways to Freedom’-‘How Karuna appeals can strengthen spiritual practice.’

On Fri, 9 July, 2021 - 00:38
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Join us for our next live event and hear from our newly ordained Srirajni, who has been working for Karuna for the last five years. She volunteered on her first Karuna appeal in June 2016 and since then continued to work for Karuna. Srirajni will be sharing her experience of the many benefits of doing Karuna appeals and how fundraising is a path of spiritual practice.

Register here: https://appeals.karuna.org/get-involved

Thursday 15th July 7-8pm

‘Why are Karuna appeals such effective spiritual practice? Because you are doing something for others.’

Interested in hearing more? We’d love to see you at the live event! You can find out more, ask any questions and learn how our spiritual practice on appeals can change thousands of people’s lives in South Asia, as well as many lives closer to home.

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