Welcome to International Council Members’ Space

International Council Members' Space

This is a private space for members of the International Council, and participants in the meetings, to communicate with each other. Friends, Mitras and other Order members can follow the International Council’s work at this public space.

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In addition to being able to access background material around the development of the International Council, this is also where Steering Group meeting Minutes will be posted, together with updates from the Strands on how they are progressing.

All members of this group are able to post to this space. So, please feel free to add any photos, resources, videos, or talks that you think other members will find useful. In particular, it would be great if people could share how they are communicating the outcomes of the International Council meetings, and what sort of responses you are getting from the Triratna Community. Also, you can use this as a space to ask other members of the Council for input and advice if you have questions or issues.

If you have any suggestions or questions about this space, you can contact the administrator Aparajita: assistant@internationalcouncil.online


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