Triratna International Council

Triratna International Council 2019 Podcast - New Zealand & Australia Edition

On Fri, 6 September, 2019 - 23:35
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The 6th Triratna International Council is in full swing in England this week. Folk from around the world converging on beautiful rural Herefordshire to explore the work of making sure our community is united and available to all in the years ahead.

We’re joined by our friends from New Zealand and Australia for a check-in around their take on the week and the relevance of international perspectives to their own communities and their experience of the Dharma life back home. Inspiring to hear connections being made that can cross oceans and great distances, carrying a sense of harmony that will resonate wherever you are.

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padmasuri's picture

Thanks Candradasa ET al,

Just listened to this over breakfast.   Heartwarming,  sitting under the great tree together.  I like that image.   The IC sounding now as though it is really having effect and focus cross continents and beyond just the delegates to and from those ‘back home’.   Enjoy the rest of the meeting.    Padmasuri. 

Maitrisara's picture

Great podcast and wonderful to hear how it’s all going. Real sense comes across of what the International Council’s role is and could be in Triratna going forward. And very eloquently explained by all. Sadhu. 

maitripala's picture

Lovely to listen to my Aussie and New Zealand mates on this fine spring morning in Melbourne. Thank you Candradasa for the work you do to connect so many of us in far flung places into inspiring events like the IC.

Purna's picture

A great podcast.  The New Zealand & Australia team communicate well what the International Council’s role is and could be. Loved the image of sitting under a tree together. Thanks Chandradasa for recording this.

Gambhiraja's picture
Hi Karunajoti, Ratnajyoti, Vidyatara, Kemadhamma & Dhiramani, It was so good to hear your voices & your positive measure of the International Council, thanks Candradasa as well. It’s good to be able to feel connection with it all. Love Gambhiraja
saradarshini's picture

Great to hear voices from Australia and New Zealand, thank you Chandradasa for making this possible. All good wishes Love Saradarshini