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Buddhist Voices: Abhayadana - Giving the Gift of Fearlessness to Women in India

On Mon, 9 September, 2019 - 13:01
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A great conversation with the quietly brilliant Abhayadana about her Buddhist work and practice in India. Her name means ‘Giver of Fearlessness’ - and this is something she has dedicated her life to, helping support and free women in her community from the stigma of social caste and the violence that often goes with it.

We hear about her personal approach via meditation and reflection on the Buddhist figure of Kshitigarbha (Jizo) who descends into hell realms to liberate suffering beings. And her experience of visiting Adhisthana, former home of her teacher Urgyen Sangharakshita, and the gratitude she has to his work and to the Dharma itself for what she describes as the chance to live as a human being. 

Recorded at the Triratna International Council, September 2019.

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