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International Communications Officer

On Mon, 27 March, 2023 - 16:34
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  • 0.6 role (3 days per week) - 3 years of funding agreed
  • working from home, with some in-person meetings in the UK and elsewhere as necessary
  • remuneration per annum: with retreat allowance and pension £13,639-£14,983 (location dependent) / €15,457-€16,981 (approx., location dependent) / $16,616 -$18,253 (approx, location dependent)
  • closing date for applications: April 30th 2023. Interview dates from May 15th
  • start date: as soon as possible, ideally by June 1st 2023

General notes

This role has been created, and will be managed, by the International Council’s Communications Working Group. Joining the International Council Staff, they will work collaboratively with the Working Group and other stakeholders to implement, articulate, and develop Triratna’s Communication Strategy, which aims to promote a harmonious, united, and proactive approach to how Triratna engages with its presence online and with the media. 

Key skills and perspectives

  • an experienced Order member with a strong understanding of Order culture, and experience of working harmoniously across institutions, holding a collective vision emerging from diverse Order experience
  • passionate about good communication and a champion for the International Council’s Communications Strategy, helping it unfold and manifest clearly and effectively
  • highly proficient writing skills
  • able to communicate skillfully and diplomatically, recognising nuanced personal perspectives and institutional complexity
  • able to hold opposing views on strongly felt Communications-related issues, helping clarify and reconcile divergent views

Over the duration of an initial three-year contract, the successful applicant will: 

help set up conditions for effective and well-co-ordinated communications:

  • co-ordinate the Communications Working Group which oversees the implementation and further development and implementation of Triratna’s Communications Strategy
  • co-ordinate the Triratna International Communications Kula (TICK), which helps bring the strategy to life via practical, collaborative work across the major institutions of our Order and Movement
  • participate in central conversations around Communications with other key stakeholders. And help the Communications Working Group provide support and perspective to relevant bodies, including Sikkha, Triratna Safeguarding teams, and FutureDharma Fund
  • be an internal Communications conduit - helping facilitate the flow of Communications-related news and discussion within and across Triratna’s different Areas, Regions, Strands, and other structures
  • initiate communications initiatives that further the strategic priorities of the International Council and the interests of Triratna more widely
  • work to ensure that diversity and internationality are appropriately reflected in Triratna’s Communications policy and work, and in our online presence
  • work with the Triratna Safeguarding team, Ethics Kula, Ahimsa Kula, and others to ensure Triratna’s online presentation in relation to ethical issues in our community’s history is accurate, consistent and confident
  • attend national and international meetings as required as part of the International Council Staff Team

Help create and promote positive Triratna media and Dharma journalism:

  • help develop and maintain the good name of Triratna online, and generate content that promotes a positive reputation when accessed by external media organisations
  • act as an initial ‘go to’ person when any structure within Triratna is approached by external media sources
  • explore how, as a community, we might further liaise and develop positive relations with mainstream media
  • facilitate and help develop positive Dharma content and news stories for existing and new Triratna communication channels, internally and externally, including the Buddhist Centre Online
  • contribute to editorial and content conversations at The Buddhist Centre Online, working with teams at Dharmachakra, the Order Office, and the International Council

The successful applicant will need to be experienced around fundamental aspects of Order and Triratna life online, as well as highly competent and confident with digital communication and social media. They will be capable of self-managing their work and able to engage creatively and harmoniously with various established institutions, working groups, and individuals holding responsibility in and around Communications in our sangha.

Apply by email to: assistant [at] (subject: re%20Comms%20Officer%20job) saying what inspires you about this role and why you are a good person for it. We welcome applications from outside the UK.

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