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Messages of Support for #PilgrimageUnlimited

On Tue, 13 June, 2023 - 17:38
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We’ve been sending messages of well-wishing to Ratnadharini from friends who’ve been inspired to sponsor her pilgrimage and support Tiratanaloka Unlimited. 🤍

Here are Paramabandhu, Nirajadhi, Udagga, Sucimani and Saddharaja. 


Sponsor Ratnadharini for Tiratanaloka Unlimited and contribute to future of women’s ordinations in Triratna… 

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It’s really great that you are doing this pilgrimage Ratnadharini. Maybe the first person to have done so? I love hearing and reading about long walks and pilgrimages and am really looking forward to hearing how you get on. I hope it is very beneficial for you as well as inspiring the rest of us and also that it raises lots of money for Tiratanaloka.Go well and hope you can stay cool in the heat. love Khemajoti