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Kamalashila's Quarterly No.3 - On Gonzo Psychogeography And New Beginnings

On Sat, 18 April, 2015 - 18:37
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Another excellent conversation with Kamalashila in our occasional series from West London, where we celebrate the opening of their incredibly impressive new Buddhist Centre. But first we touch on all things liminal in our ongoing exchanges about landscape - particularly, in this case, the “gonzo psychogeography” of London and its subterranean rivers. 

We also hear about new beginnings in the shape of a Welsh contemplative community project, and Buddhafield as it re-emerges from some years of change. All in the good company of Kamalashila and also featuring our first very special guest - Yashobodhi.

The talk referred to in this podcast can be heard here:
Urban Imagination by Padmamati  

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