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Day Five #PilgrimageUnlimited Video Diary: Wallingford to Abingdon

On Fri, 16 June, 2023 - 22:14
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Day Five was a 13 mile stretch, of wildflowers and familiar landscapes, arriving (or rather, skipping…) into Ratnadharini’s hometown of Abingdon, where she is visiting her mum for a rest day tomorrow. At this halfway point, she reflects on the how supported she feels by the Sangha, and on the purpose of the whole thing: to support women’s ordination training in Triratna…🌼🎉🙏🏻

She writes:

Day five - Wallingford to Abingdon, 13 miles. Still hot, and route a bit more exposed. Entering familiar territory skirting around Wittenham Clumps - referring to the oldest Beech plantings in England, on the tops of two striking hills. I remember the tree with a poem carved into it. Crossed the Thames again at Clifton Hampden, skirted the serious perimeter fence of the Culham Centre for Fusion Energy, and down a dirt race track diversion…

The final stretch along the river was home ground, with the Swift Ditch - site of one of the original Pound Locks - and Abingdon Lock - with the promise, as kids, of ‘helping’ the lock keeper open the gates. Over the endlessly fascinating weir, into town under the archway of the old gaol, and arrived at my mum’s a little earlier than expected. A blister on the bottom of one of my heels finally split, and I discovered heavy duty Compeed. Enjoying a day off, before contemplating the second half of the walk… really appreciating all the support!


Sponsor Ratnadharini for Tiratanaloka Unlimited and contribute to future of women’s ordinations in Triratna… 

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