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Communication, Friendship & Ordination - Autism & the Triratna Buddhist Community: Part Three

On Sat, 17 June, 2023 - 13:25
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Continuing our series of conversations on the subject of autism within The Triratna Buddhist Community, we rejoin Ratnaguna and Prajnanandi for another episode, focusing this time on communication and the development of friendship.

With so much emphasis in our community on the importance of establishing deep spiritual friendships, Prajnanandi shares her experience of how building such relationships can present significant challenges for someone who is neurodiverse.

We also discuss the ordination process within the Triratna Buddhist Community and unpack why many neurodiverse practitioners may face delays in their training to become Order members. Prajnanandi provides an intimate account of her own history in this regard and advocates for greater understanding and flexibility, emphasizing why it’s important to recognize different forms of relationships and communication styles within Triratna.

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Hello, I am autistic and recently took part in the introduction to buddhism and meditation level 1 at a Triratna Buddhist Centre. 

I really struggled with the first session due to some of the reasons you outlined in part 1, I was sensory overwhelmed and there were so many people in such a small place. But I did feel a connection and deeply wanted to improve my meditation practice and learn more about Triratna Bhuddism so I kept coming back.

I began to get more comfortable each week as numbers dropped and I got used to the environment. Still, I struggled with communication and connecting to others, feeling I was not communicating effectively and misreading situations and misrepresenting myself.

Your video and discussion has really helped me and inspired me to keep going to the centre and discovering more about Triratna Bhuddism.

Thank you very much.