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Welcome - "Alive, Aware, Awake!" Home retreat

On Fri, 10 July, 2020 - 07:00
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What is it to be fully alive, aware and awake to our experience? How is mindfulness like an adventure? Come and explore these questions and more this week on our latest home retreat “Alive, Aware, Awake!” led by the team at Taraloka (Maitridevi, Maitrisiddhi and Hridayagita) and exploring the Buddha’s teachings on the Four Foundations of Mindfulness.

Over the week, the team will explore the four foundations of mindfulness - mindfulness of our bodies, sensations, thoughts and emotions and the truth (or values or realities). We are delighted that the Taraloka team are offering seven daily live workshops and practice sessions exploring this material as part of this home retreat. You can reserve a space on any or all of the workshops or just turn up on the day via the home retreat space.

Visit the Alive, Aware, Awake! home retreat space

As always, if you are not able to attend these live sessions for whatever reason - don’t worry: we will be recording the sessions and will make them available afterwards on the home retreat space. We’ve also included some resources - short introduction videos and led meditations - for each day on the home retreat space for you to use at your own leisure, either as a basis for your own home retreat or as further resources.

Further to that material, are practice suggestions for you to do each day at home if you wish. Today’s practice suggestion is to consider creating or refreshing a shrine or space where you regularly meditate. A shrine is an expression of the beauty of the Dharma, the Buddha’s teachings, and a visible reminder to ourselves of what inspires us to practise spiritually. Visit the home retreat space and download the daily practice suggestions to find out more.

May we all become more Alive, Aware and Awake throughout the week!


Find all the retreat materials here including a practice diary and daily practice suggestions

See Maitrisiddhi introducing the retreat

Download a copy of Living with Awareness: A Guide to the Satipatthana Sutta by Sangharakshita (ebook) courtesy of Windhorse Publications

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