Welcome to Buddhist Action Month 2016

June is Buddhist Action Month - or should a better title for it be, Bodhisattva Action Month? 

BAM is an invitation to take part and get involved in actions that express our care and concern for our planet and its people and other beings that inhabit it in a practical way. It is a month dedicated to raising awareness, to share and discuss our concerns, hopes and ideals, and to put into action some concrete steps to move our vision of helping create a better community forward - whehter it is our local community or the global community!  

Last year around 25 Triratna Buddhist Centres and practice groups took part, largely in Ireland, the UK and on mainland Europe, let’s go international this year and use June as an opportunity to celebrate the Bodhisattva Ideal. 

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Buddhist Action Month 2016: Get involved - your world needs you!  

Listen to the Karaniya metta sutta, the Buddha’s advice on loving kindness (metta), or read the text 

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Listen to a talk to warm you up for Buddhist Action Month: The Bodhisattva’s Reply by Vajragupta, given at the 2014 International Retreat