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Caring for Others

On Sun, 7 May, 2017 - 22:52
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  A brief posting on the above theme. The company of which I am co-director, Mindful Carers Ltd, is only progressing slowly and has changed its aims, at least in the short term. As to a work project run on Buddhist principles, I definitely think what we need most is a residential care home. That’s some years away, and frankly the social care funding situation has never been worse, prompting me to develop a presentation called “Who in their right mindfulness?”. Anyway, I’m seeking the best advice I can get. Do call me for more details (see below).

  I hope we’ll get Mindful Carers groups (or something similar) around Triratna Centres. They could be a forum for looking at many aspects of care and developing practical responses.

We had a good BAM evening last year on Homelessness, with a long-standing friend of the Centre who works in this field. We’ll maintain the link this year with a collection of tinned/packaged food for people moving into their own accommodation. Also a local mitra does a great job as a volunteer chaplain at the hospice. Of course, there’s a vast ocean of need in the wider world and it’s not easy to set priorities. I’m surprised sometimes how an explicitly Dharmic aspect emerges…e.g. I heard about a mitra who volunteers with a befriending scheme and found himself visiting an ex-Order Member whose reduced mobility means he is often at home.

Thanks and Metta to all- Dayasara from Ipswich…email me on dayasara2012 [at] gmail.com or phone/text on 07748-375923


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