Buddhist Action Month 2016

Buddhist Action Month 2017 starts here

On Thu, 2 March, 2017 - 13:35
mokshini's picture

Dear friends, 

it feels a bit like spring as I write this, and perhaps that is an auspicious time to turn our minds to Buddhist Action Month 2017. 

I know that some Triratna Centres and their respective ‘engaged Buddhist’ groups have already got plans for June and what they want to see happening during Buddhist Action Month; but for others this might be a first reminder that it is not too soon to turn our minds to the early summer and start thinking what might be a good action to take for our sangha. 

The buddhistcentre online have created us a new 2017 Buddhist Action Month space, so here is an invitation to join the space - just click on the link above and then on +FOLLOW in the header image. 

If you are a member of a Centre that already has concrete plans and ideas for what you want to do in June, please share them in the 2017 BAM space - you may well give other people good ideas and inspire them to get in communication with their Centre and decide on some collective actions. 

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