Buddhist Action Month 2016

Exeter & Devon sangha beach clean

On Sat, 25 June, 2016 - 21:55
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This post could be entitled ‘How to do something positive for the world and have a really good day at the same time’: the Exeter & Devon Triratna sangha met with members of other local Buddhist groups - Western Chan fellowship, Gaia House group and Diamond Way - at Dawlish Warren, a little seaside resort south of Exeter, and followed Neil, our beachcare officer, along the beach, away from the shops selling flip flops and ice cream.  

10 minutes on the beach was deserted, and along sandy dunes and glorious sunshine we spent an hour filling out bags with plastic and other human-made rubbish. The main stuff I found was bits of plastic rope (lots of it!), plastic netting, fragments of plastic bags,  fragments of plastic containers and I easily managed to fill most of a large bin liner in an hour. Neil said we’d find the same amount again if we came back in 2 or 3 months …. 

It was great doing it with members of other Buddhist groups - a really easy way to get to know other practioners, just chatting as we were moving down the beach pulling at bits of plastic and later over a picnic on the beach. A very satisfying and enjoyable afternoon! 

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Sounds great fun :)


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Fantastic! Lovely to work with other Sanghas too. Sadhu x