Buddhist Action Month 2016

Buddhist Action Month's not over yet! 10 minute actions

On Mon, 27 June, 2016 - 08:00
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Apart from the fact that we can continue with our skilful actions engagements and all through the year, should you feel that you’d like to end the month doing something  to have a positive effect on the world and reach out to yourSangha as well as your local community - here are some ideas for 10 minutes actions which you can still do - even today! 

  • a daily dose of FMI’s: five minute interventions {not sure what they are? Look it up here, page 22 of the BAM Handbook, or see below *) 
  • guerilla gardenIng: take a bottle of water and a trowel and pop into your local poundhsop (or equivalent). Buy some bedding plants, find an unloved public container or bit of soil round a tree. Plant what you’ve got, water them and enjoy having transformed your world around you a little bit! It needs it… 
  • switch to green energy!! Although it might only take 5 minutes .. 
  • write an appreciative card to a friend
  • write to your local BAM kula at your Buddhist Centre and let them know that you appreciate what they’ve done and encourage them to go on!  Buy them cake!

Any other suggestions for 10 minute BAM actions? 

five minute interventions:  page 22 of the BAM Handbook 

We can be ‘a friend to the world, a friend to all beings’ - ‘everyday Bodhisattvas’ if you like! Bhante has talked about being able to be friends with anyone (animals included!). Offering friendship, attention, and unconditional positive regard to others is something all of us can do, regardless of our perceived skills or abilities. We can all just relate on a very human, very mettaful level and that is something of great value, and something which is lacking for so many people. So one of the things we could do is pledge to engage in five minute interventions (FMIs) with people, friends, strangers, neighbours – anyone we encounter. There is so much loneliness all around us, so many people really do live lives of quiet despair – let’s share our metta! 

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Life is all about the small things, isn’t it. Great suggestions, Mokshini.

Other ideas:

- use the cold water tap if I only need a bit of water, so as to spare the boiler heating up

- sit for 5 minutes in the natural environment, doing nothing

- have exact change in my pocket, ready for a Big Issue