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Great Faith, Great Wisdom - Rainy Season Retreat 2017 by Ratnaguna, Day 1

On Mon, 11 September, 2017 - 20:54
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Here are the two wonderful Dharma talks by Ratnaguna from the first day of the retreat this weekend, along with a led visualisation bringing the Pure Land of Sukhavati, made of all precious things, to life. As a treat to conclude, we also get the Bristol sangha chanting a beautiful, resonant version of Amitabha mantra.


Talk 1: Why hear the Pure Land Sutras?

An introduction to the three Pure Land sutras and to understanding the practice of Mahayana sutras in general. Other themes covered are: informative and performative speech; imagination, faith, insight, illumination; engaging with something unfamiliar. 

Talk 2: On Buddhafields and magical birds
Some comments on the shorter Sukhavativyuha sutra. Talk two from the Great Faith, Great Wisdom retreat at Bristol Buddhist Centre, Sept 2017.

Guided meditation: Visualisation of Sukhavati with Amitabha Mantra
A beautiful meditation on Amitābha’s Pure Land, Sukhāvati - a mythical realm where the ground is golden, trees are made of jewels, and magical birds sing the Dharma. It is a vast ‘illumined image’ - a symbol of the beauty and joy of the spiritual life.

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