Bristol Buddhist Centre

Day 5: Mudita & Amoghasiddhi

On Wed, 18 March, 2015 - 18:58
jvalamalini's picture
We’ve had a wonderful sunny spring day today in Bristol, perfect for us to dwell in what Sangharakshita has described as the bright dancing colours of mudita.

Ratnavandana talked about mudita as a natural response that happens often, but which we don’t always recognise. She suggested consciously appreciating moments of gladness in our lives, particularly when it connects us to others - for example she enjoyed seeing three small girls with mother’s day bouquets in the street at the weekend. It’s also important to reflect on and appreciate the fruits of our practice, the ways we’ve changed, to counter doubt.

For me, the association of mudita with Amoghasiddhi is new - I tend to think of the abudance of Ratnasambhava’s realm in association with mudita. On this retreat we’re linking the Jinas with the brahma viharas according to the poisons they transform. Amoghasiddhi transforms envy and jealousy which are far enemies of mudita.

Certainly I sense how Amoghasiddhi’s confidence and energy lift us from the tangled pits of fear, doubt and envy into taking skilful action - which we can then delight in.
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