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Dharmabyte: Daring to Look In the Mirror

By Sadayasihi on Mon, 14 May, 2018 - 12:38

In this Dharmabyte podcast, ‘Daring to Look In the Mirror’, Satyalila offers a talk for theme of the European Women’s Convention which was “The Bodhisattva’s Reply: Triratna Paths to Insight.”

Talk given August 27th 2014, Adhisthana.

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Community Highlights
Community Highlights

The Lion's Roar: Talks from the International Order Convention

By Sadayasihi on Thu, 8 Feb, 2018 - 15:03

Here is a selection of talks from the 2018 International Order Convention in Bodhgaya, India on the theme of ‘Sinhanada, the Lion’s Roar’.  

Firstly, we have a rousing, uncompromisingly radical talk from Maitriveer-Nagarjuna evoking the fire that drove Doctor Bimrao Ambedkar to work tirelessly on behalf of the so-called Dalit “Untouchable” people in order to free them from the evils of the Hindu caste system. He reframes Doctor Ambedkar as a radical for the ages, of greater and broader...

Buddhist Centre Features
Buddhist Centre Features

Lokeshvara - Five Thoughts On Friendship As A Spritual Path

By Candradasa on Thu, 29 Oct, 2015 - 22:55

Lokeshvara in lovely form, as befits his subject, sharing some thoughts around the idea of friendship (specifically kalyana mitrata in the Buddhist tradition) as a full spiritual path in and of itself. 

His five perspectives go easily beyond any cliches about the importance of friendship. What we get instead is a deeply felt and considered, always sympathetic and practical look at what it takes to transform ourselves by being a friend to others. 

To locate the practice in the Triratna Buddhist Order he draws...