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Going Deeper in Meditation - Understanding Tranquility and Integration

On Mon, 7 January, 2019 - 13:46
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Monday evenings, 7 - 9 PM, February 18 - March 18

In Buddhism we are fortunate to inherit a tradition that has developed a beautiful language of ideas and symbols to communicate about meditation and higher consciousness. In this course we’ll be learning the basics of that language, and how to identify and cultivate the factors that lead to clarity and bliss.

This course is for people who have some experience of regular practice with either the Mindfulness of Breathing or Metta (Loving-Kindness) meditations. Contact us by email (portsmouth [at] thebuddhistcenter.com) if you have questions about whether it’s right for you: 

This courses will be held at the beautiful ‘Gateway Taiji, Qigong & Yoga’ studio at 875 Islington Street, Portsmouth, NH (map &directions). There is parking in front of the studio (please use right side of lot) or in the bank lot across the street.

Registration is free. Course offered by donation: $60-$30 suggested.

You’re welcome to attend any week even if you can’t make all!

Donate in advance by credit card here or by check or cash in class.

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