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An Invitation from Patience to Her Mitra Ceremony

On Wed, 20 July, 2016 - 23:38
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You are cordially invited to Patience’s Mitra Ceremony (July 24th, 10am-12pm)…
Our friend Patience has decided to become a Mitra (= friend) in our community - and she’d love you to come celebrate with her! So much so, she made a series of art pieces to invite you! 

It’s a great occasion to celebrate in the life of our community, and to witness someone’s heartfelt decision to take a step of genuine commitment on her spiritual path. Let’s give her plenty of support! It’s also a great opportunity to reflect on our own inner commitment to the practice of the Dharma in fellowship with others.

Mitra Renewal Ceremony
If you’re already a Mitra you’ll have a chance to reaffirm that as part of the ceremony for Patience. Come and re-dedicate yourself in whatever way moves you. It promises to be a great morning - and a full house - so come early and help honor Patience’s contribution to the Seacoast sangha.

Read more about becoming a Mitra

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