Portsmouth Buddhist Center

Community Morning - Keeping Things in Perspective

On Wed, 6 July, 2016 - 16:49
Candradasa's picture

The world isn’t always a garden of delights, life isn’t always a holiday. We know this, right? Yet it’s so hard sometimes to remember it - and harder still to stay positive when we do! That’s where we need an active element of imagination in our meditation and Dharma practice. Remembering, imagining, perceiving things differently - and a whole world opens up…

This week as part of our ongoing series on practical imagination, we’ll be exploring the practice of cultivating equanimity. Not a cool, detached state but a deep warm engagement with the practice of love, compassion and joy held in the perspective of the Buddha’s insights into the nature of reality itself…

Join us this Sunday from 10am-12pm, as we take part in a quietly flowering process where our collective practice can help build a deeper sense of community here on the Seacoast!

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