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Buddhism Going Deeper - Ancient Wisdom for Modern Times. A free course led by Vajramitra.

On Thu, 30 April, 2020 - 12:00
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Buddhism Going Deeper - Ancient Wisdom for Modern Times
A free North London Buddhist Centre online course led by Vajramitra.

Book here. Four Wednesday evenings from 13 May, 19:00-21:00, online via Zoom, you’ll be sent the link when you book. (Note the recent NLBC newsletter had the wrong date.)
A going deeper course focused on the Tibetan Wheel of Life. It’s for you if you have practised mindfulness of breathing and loving kindness meditations. No charge, but a donation (£50 suggested) funds some of the centre’s expenses.

Vajramitra writes: “These ‘strange times’ leave me more aware of illness, death, personal physical suffering and financial loss, as well as the difficultly of adjusting to where we find ourselves. We all respond differently, sometimes with fear or anxiety, depression, boredom, indifference – or sometimes with kindness and equanimity. 

“The Buddha taught that we may not be able to change our circumstances, but we can change our response to them. He pointed us to mind, explaining how it creates and shapes our perceptions – of ourselves and the world. 

“We have to go through the process of sitting down and examining the mind and examining our experience to see what is really going on.

“Over four weeks, through meditation and study, we will together explore the ideas and themes in the Tibetan Wheel of Life, clarifying how we can practise to let go of our unhelpful responses, to the benefit of both ourselves and the world.”

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