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Buddha Day tomorrow (10 May): changed programme

On Sat, 9 May, 2020 - 20:39
Ratnaprabha's picture

Buddha Day this Sunday, 10 May

Zoom link for all Buddha Day sessions here.

This is the big festival of the year, celebrating the Buddha’s awakening under the Bodhi Tree on the full moon day of May. Ratnaprabha will be in the centre shrine-room to host the festival sessions.
10:30 -12 midday, Slideshow by Ratnaprabha on the Buddha’s visitors under the Bodhi tree, Mythic Beings at the Buddha’s Awakening, also on YouTube Live, followed by questions and meditation.

14:00-15:30, a workshop on anapanasati (breath mindfulness) with Singhashri.

16:00 -16:30, Buddha Day readings organised by Santva.

17:00, Seven-fold Puja to ‘our’ Buddha, Shakyamuni, with extended chanting, led by Lalitaraja.

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