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Facebook Discussion Imminent!

On Mon, 4 June, 2012 - 18:32
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Hi all, remember we’ll be having a live discussion space on Facebook this afternoon/evening on themes from the International Retreat. Join us anytime between 2-4pm EST / 5-7pm UK for as long as you like. We’d love if you can! Here are some topics we might look at, but any other ideas also welcome and we’ll see what emerges from the live space:

1. How do YOU imagine the Buddha? We’ve seen pictures, heard talks, etc. about how others do. But what keeps you connected to him?

Do you think connection with the Buddha himself as a figure is important? Or do you think you can consider Buddhist ideas without the Buddha?

2. In Ratnaguna’s talk he speaks beautifully about some differences between an oral culture and a literary one:

He says: “Reading and writing changes the structure of consciousness…”

What do we think? Does that make sense to you? And what do you think the Buddha would make of the internet? What do you make of it?!

3. Do Facebook and other social networks (including this new one!) make things better or worse in terms of our ability to engage with the Buddha imaginatively? What do you look for in Dharma spaces online?

4. We’ve found it inspiring to hear reports from places like Denmark and the Netherlands:

How do you stay connected with others who share your values but may live a world away?

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