Loving Kindness - Blazing Like The Sun

How the urban retreat works - for those familiar with the metta bhavana

On Mon, 28 October, 2013 - 10:28
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I thought it might be helpful to post up some simple information about how the online urban retreat works, what you’ll get each day, how much time you’ll need to participate.

This audio is pitched at those familiar with the metta bhavana (loving-kindness) meditation. There is another short audio that explains how it all works if you are new to meditation, or to this particular type of meditation practice…
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So it saysb that this soundcloud content is not available or is set to private, so how are we to listen to it then? Also I saw a notification for a post called *How the online urban retreat compliments local centre events* and yet can’t find it any where on the site. Can anyone help?


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Sorry, Jen, teething trouble, a lot of folk on the team and some getting used to the space still. The posts should be live now…!
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Did you find the other post you were looking for Jen? You’ll see it under ‘talks & resources’ but this is a direct link: http://thebuddhistcentre.com/highlights/urban-retreat-2013-blazing-sun/h…
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Yes Candradasa, I did. Thanks so much for asking! And thanks so much for posting all this wonderful material for the retreat!!