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End of the 2014 Triratna International Retreat - Some Highlights

On Tue, 27 May, 2014 - 20:13
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Well, that was a full old 5 days! The International Retreat is now at an end - and we were there in spirit through the rain, mud and eventual glorious sunshine, sampling the evident joy of the event and the delighful experience of sangha that is apparent in all the (many!) photographs we were able to feature.

Our great thanks to Dassini, Ivan, Munisha, Singhamanas, Suvajra, Suvannamani, Vajrashura, Vidyatara, and to anyone else who contributed. Sadhu everyone!

Here are some highlights to catch up on if you missed them:

- The three main talks by Vajragupta, Vaddhaka and Mokshini all helped bring the theme of the retreat (altruism and compassion at work in the world) to life. Vaddhaka’s talk on ‘Going Beyond Capitalism: A Buddhist Perspective’ received a standing ovation and was regarded by some present as relaunching a vision of spiritual community as a real alternative to the status quo in the world today.

- Amongst all the excellent photographs uploaded from the green world of the retreat via Facebook we were especially blessed to have Suvajra working with us, producing some outstanding portraits every day of retreatants. View a sample gallery here. Or browse through all image galleries from the retreat.

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- Munisha posted some wonderful, unexpected ambient sounds from around Adhisthana… Cuckoo | Bell Ringing | Beautiful late-night chanting

- Dassini and Ivan kept us up-to-date with reports from around the retreat site, really helping bring the great event to life online!
Listen to their reports here - and if you subscribe to our podcast (iTunes) you can get these kinds of audio jewels delivered automatically to your smartphone, iPod, tablet or computer whenever we post them.

- Despite the distinctly rural broadband connection (= not very fast!) we still managed to get some great videos up! Two particular highlights were the Padmasambhava Mantra chanted in lovely harmony, and the Polish musical entertainment for kids on the retreat.

See you again in two years’ time! And stay tuned for the next big Triratna event in June: Buddhist Action Month (BAM!).
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Thanks to the on the ground folks and the webmaster for bringing us all this brilliant info. Loved the talk on Solitude by Paramananda. Great job eveyone working on capturing these talks / events for posterity. I learn by re-listening to talks again and again.