International Retreat 2014

And what about the children?

On Tue, 27 May, 2014 - 09:48
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Here’s a lively Polish contribution to the children’s evening entertainments.

We seem to have more children than we started with (certainly better than the other way round). About 20 children ranging from about 1-13 years have enjoyed own activity tent full of things to do and play with, and they’ve been a delight to have around, splashing in puddles, sleeping in their parents’ laps in pujas, making offerings and, every night before the puja, enjoying storytelling with Jayaraja and most of the adults.

Last night, the final evening, featured a long story about the Buddha and his disciples, with musical interludes from the band, “Mara and the Hindrances”, alias the Polish sangha group present here. As Jayaraja said, it was probably the only time you’d see Pole Dancing on a Buddhist retreat.

It’s a good thing the retreat isn’t any longer because the children are clearly completely exhausted with just too much fun! Here’s what two parents have said.

“My children are soaking up the atmosphere - of positivity and whatever else they can’t articulate yet but may be able to later in life.”
“My children will probably remember this weekend as very signficant for the rest of their lives.”
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