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Buddhafield Workshops Update No.2 - Workshops for Women

On Sun, 7 July, 2013 - 18:48
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Satyadarshin, webmaster extraordinaire for Buddhafield, made a great post a while back about the pretty amazing range of workshops and spaces that take place at the festival every year, with some great tasters for this year’s program.

Here’s update No.2 from him on what’s in store if you head to the festival! You can also follow these on the Facebook page for the Festival.

Ladies, Women, Sisters Of Buddhafield, this year there are some really special workshops for you…

* Jewels Wingfield will offer 2 Workshops for women, ‘Calling All Women’ and ‘Red Moon Wisdom’ in Workshop 1, Saturday and Sunday.

* Laura Shewan will offer a devotional dance for women in the Big Top on Thursday afternoon.

* Rebecca Maze & Agata Krajewska will ‘Embody the Deep Feminine through Music & Creativity’ with live music and singing from Rebecca, Wednesday evening, Workshop 2.

* There will be Goddess Dances to Kali and Baba Yaga from Gabriella de Florez in Workshop 2 on Friday and in the Women’s Space.

* Denise Rowe will grace us with her Earth dances movement workshop, ‘Women, Land, Ancestry’ exploring our inner and outer landscapes, including the land and trees.

* Tess will offer Art therapy based workshops ‘Coming Home to the Heart’ exploring ‘Listening’, ‘Surrendering’ and ‘Stepping in’, all in the Women’s Space, who have a really wonderful programme of unique workshops this year.

* Radical Midwives will be back for women’s and family workshops

* And Doula Roma Hearsey will be bringing her Birth Lodge tipi to the Long Field’s tipi village
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