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Buddhafield Festival Workshop Programme

On Wed, 19 June, 2013 - 10:58
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I think it’s fair to say that the Buddhafield Festival is a workshop-driven event. Whilst many Festivals push the live music as their primary draw — where a workshop programme is a sort of diversion at the edge of the programme — Buddhafield gives our bands equal billing to our workshops. We think that this gives the event a sort of balance, putting the emphasis on participation rather than spectacle.

Part of my job as Buddhafield webmaster is to publish the programme to our website. This ineviatably means I have to actually read it and there are some really great things on offer this year. It’s worth remarking on, not only because (obvioulsly enough) I need to promote our Festival, but because the the overwhelming majority of workshop leaders are — like the rest of the Festival crew — simply volunteers. We also don’t charge extra for the workshops: once you’ve bought your ticket, the whole programme is free.

Abie, our Workshops Co-ordinator, has done us really proud, so I’d like to share her work with you by directing you introducing you to the programme so far:

Movement and Dance. You might want to try learning a form like Afro-Brazilian dance, or just take pleasure in being fully present in the body, in the luxurious sensuality of self-knowledge through movement. There are a range of workshops to help gain a richer experience of dance technique or rhythmic movement.

Music, Sound and Singing. Making and experiencing music or singing together can create a profound sense of harmony and community. Mahauskha’s Soulful Singing is a perennial favourite, but there are drumming workshops and even Sound Baths!

The Shamanic, Mythic and Therapeutic programme is especially rich this year. You can explore the inner world via a Shamanic Journey in which a strong, safe, bridge to the spirit world will offer the opportunity to either meet a spirit teacher in the upper world, or find a spirit animal in the lower world. In either case, experience the mystery and magic of a drum journey. There are also Focusing and even Laugher Yoga sessions!

The Communication and Intimacy theme presents you with opportunities to develop your communication skills. The emphasis will be on deepening connection with listeners, cultivating compassion and building confidence.

Open up in Live Arts, Theatre and Play, connect and bond in a spirit of fun and playfulness through individual skills practice, team games, movement, voice, and story-telling. This year we have theatre work from both Playback and Shadowdance Puppet theatre, as well as Contact Juggling and a progression of hoola hoop workshops… novice to ninja over the weekend!

Green Arts and Crafts are practical workshops for developing craft skills. Using natural materials, participants can acquire knowledge and technique, in many cases creating satisfying results in writing, sculpture, drawings or even jewellery.

There’s always something that just defies categorisation, so if you’re a round peg, Buddhafield has a square hole to fit you! Have a look at the Talks and More page.

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