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The Tara Sanctuary and Natural Burial Ground

On Wed, 26 September, 2018 - 12:33
Sadayasihi's picture

“Nature is, in itself, a healing environment”. 

During the 2018 Combined Order Weekend in Adhisthana, Dayajoti talks about a newly forming project - the Tara Sanctuary and Natural Burial Ground which has a vision of creating a beautiful ecological burial ground and retreat site. Here she speaks about the what the natural burial movement is about, the links between nature, death and the land, how it connects with Buddhist practice and where the project is currently at.

Find out more about the Tara Sanctuary and Natural Burial Ground: www.tarasanctuary.org.uk


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Dh Ambaranta's picture
Fantastic to have this posted here enabling more folks to find out and find out more about the Tara Sanctuary. Thanks for the the talk, clear and inviting as well as supporting us to naturally engage in conversations and actions about this thing called ‘death’ . A crucial conversation for us all and a non negotiable conversation for Buddhists. May all thats needed be realised. Much gratitude to those already involved.
Dayajoti's picture

Thank you Ambaranta for your affirming words!  Yes, a crucial conversation!!  That’s a good way of putting it.

saddhanandi's picture

Hi Dayajoti,

It’s really great to hear this interview and to have more of a sense of this inspiring project. I hope you find the land you need and can soon start to anchor the Tara sanctuary in ‘place’ as well as in vision. May this project go from strength to strength.

Dayajoti's picture

Thanks Saddhanandi for taking the time to listen, and comment, with everything you have on!  Thanks for your support.

Amritavani's picture
This looks like a beautiful project Dayajoti. I do find it incredible to be part of a movement who puts their energies behind such things. I worked in a hospice for around 7 years and I have talked to many patients and carers about having a good death. I can imagine having somewhere like this would have been a great comfort to many especially the bereaved. I remember we used to be in touch with a company who made personalised cardboard coffins. They were beautiful. Have you come across this? Mind you the funeral directors did tell me some cautionary stories about them. Sadhu and much love for the project. I have some contacts here in a couple of hospices a although it’s been a while.
Dayajoti's picture

Hi Amritavani, thank you for responding and for your well-wishing for the project.  I’m gradually meeting more OMs involved in this work, as people hear about the Tara Sanctuary project.  Yes, I’ve come across cardboard coffins, and currently my will says I’d like to be buried in one, but since writing it I’ve seen other beautiful eco options, including felt pods made on Dartmoor, and coffins woven from different materials, eg willow, or banana leaf, or a kind of rush that can be a byproduct of clearing clogged up rivers.  You can do a workshop to weave your own coffin, and then in the meantime use it for storage or seating; that’s what I’d like to do at some point; have it there as a daily reminder…!   I saw a wonderful one woman show by Liz Rothschild which incorporated musical interludes where she did some weaving of her coffin-to-be; powerful to watch.

Amritavani's picture

Gosh that sounds incredible. You have made me think…

Markajb's picture

Thank you so much for posting this on here.

I very recently started to discover more about our spiritual lives and Buddhist practice and only today came across this site, I have seen so much change and had so much guidance over the past year thanks to a good friend at work opening my eyes and telling me all I saw and dreamt was not fantasy or insanity.

I had been thinking about a natural burial for some years and my guardian has sent me in the right direction again.

Thank you again for sharing this with everyone. 

Dayajoti's picture

Dear Markajb, belatedly, thank you very much for your comment on the post.   Sending all best wishes.