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A Pilgrimage from Tooting to Adhisthana

On Mon, 5 June, 2023 - 15:49
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Special event for Tiratanaloka Unlimited

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Ratnadharini is walking 150 miles over 10 days, from Sangharakshita’s birthplace in London, to Adhisthana – where he died. Setting off from Tooting on 12th June, and arriving at Adhisthana on the 22nd, to raise money for Tiratnaloka [UN]LIMITED… Just in time to catch the pilgrims week and 108-hour circumambulation of his burial mound. She’ll be travelling as light as possible, but will have Nagabodhi’s new book on Sangharakshita with me. 

Here’s what Ratnadharini had to say about it:

“This is quite the endeavor, but I really want to do what I can to help us find a bigger, better Tiratanaloka that will take the brakes off the ordination process for the next generation of women Order members – and make life more sustainable for the wonderful Tiratanaloka team!

The decision to walk from Tooting to Adhisthana seemed spontaneous but obvious. I still don’t really know what it will mean, but alongside the practical preparation, themes are beginning to emerge – and no doubt there will be more. But before I go on to share one of these in particular, I will just mention a couple of other recent highlights.

As well as reflecting on the more significant elements of pilgrimage, I’ve been anxiously watching the weather forecast; as the dry sunny spell continues in the UK, the prospect of rain in the coming weeks seems more and more likely, and my sense of what to pack changes.

Akasajoti is setting up the electronic means for me to keep people posted on my progress through video diaries, so if you would like to be included please click + follow above in this channel to receive regular updates!

There’s still time to sponsor me! I’ll be ending at Adhisthana in time to join in with the final hour of 108-hours of circumambulation as a part of their Pilgrims Week, so perhaps I will see some of you there.”


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