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Ordenaciones en México/Ordinations in Mexico

On Fri, 10 January, 2020 - 21:27
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El sábado 11 de enero, 2020, se van a llevar a cabo una transmisión en vivo de las ordenaciones de dos mitras mexicanos a las 12pm, horario de México. Se realizará la ceremonia en español en Chintamani, Morelos, México.

12pm México | 3pm Venezuela | 1pm EST | 7pm España | 6pm UK

We are delighted to announce that on Saturday, January 11, 2020, we will be live-streaming the ordination of two Mexican mitras. The live stream will take place at 12pm local time, CST (1pm EST/ 6pm UK /7pm CET/12.30am on January 12 India). The ceremony will be conducted in Spanish with no translation and will take place at Chintamani Retreat Centre, Morelos, Mexico.

The public ordinations will be live streamed here on our Features space, as well as on the site home page and on our facebook page.

La ceremonia pública se va a trasmitir en vivo en la pagina de facebook del buddhistcenter online y también en thebuddhistcentre.com/features para la gente que no usa facebook.

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The picture and sound is fine. Lovely to see Cintamani and know there will soon be ordinations. Sadhu!


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Wonderful to witness this - thanks for streaming this.