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One day + only £1800 to go... Ratnadharini shares her gratitude and inspiration...

On Thu, 22 June, 2023 - 00:10
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Ratnadharini is on the final day(!) of her 150 mile pilgrimage between the places of Sangharakshita’s birth and death; and, we have reached 88% of her fundraising target.

Here she shares her delight and gratitude for all the generosity she has received thus far, and tells us of her inspiration for the Tiratanaloka Unlimited project.

She would like to raise another £1800, which we could do if 25 people give £70 each.

Can you give and contribute to Tiratanaloka in their efforts to create more supportive conditions to support women training for Ordination around the world?


Sponsor Ratnadharini for Tiratanaloka Unlimited and contribute to future of women’s ordinations in Triratna… 

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