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The Myth of Meditation: A Home Retreat with Paramananda and Friends

On Thu, 23 December, 2021 - 13:58
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Seven days of meditation, soulful exploration, and strong, supportive friendship: a safe space to go deeper into experience and practice.

Friday 25th February - Thursday 3rd March 2022

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About the retreat
With his deeply grounded approach to Buddhist meditation and practice, Paramananda offers an approach that is a challenge both to the way we experience ourselves, and the way in which we see and ‘be’ in the world. 

He guides us in rooting meditative experience in the body, turning towards whatever comes up in a kindly and intelligent way, and seeing through to another way of understanding and being in the world.

During this retreat, Paramananda will invite some friends to co-host the ritual space of practice. 

What to expect
The sessions will be a mix of meditation, poetry, presentation, practice, interaction and inquiry. One session each day will feature breakout groups.

There will also be a private community message board for all taking part in the retreat.


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