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Help us become an inspiring Dharma home online to even more people around the world!

On Tue, 21 December, 2021 - 01:58
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When the pandemic struck, Triratna had a well-developed web platform ready to go…

Throughout Covid, the Dharma Toolkit on Buddhist Centre Online has become an inspiring practice home for many thousands of people around the world. All our live events are available instantly to everyone on all devices. But our small team of dedicated web developers can’t meet the massive demand for digital Dharma. Over 50% of web use is now on phones, but with all our pandemic work we just haven’t had the team hours to develop the rest of the site so it works as well on mobile. This means people connecting to Triratna aren’t getting full access to our community, or tapping into all the potential of the Dharma.

Help us take our team and platform to the next level, so we can:

  • Complete work on mobile redevelopment, so The Buddhist Centre Online is all set for the next 10 years
  • Extend the range of live Dharma events we offer
  • Continue to host daily meditations and 4 Home Retreats a year
  • Support Dharma teachers and Triratna Centres around the world to offer high-quality Buddhist content online
  • Build a team working ethically online for the good of all!

If we can raise an extra £30,000 | $35,000 | €35,000 our team can do all that. Your monthly donations ensure that we can sustain a team over years, so they are particularly precious to us.

Please support the sangha online!

Give £20 | $25 | €25 per month or whatever you feel The Buddhist Centre Online is worth to you. If 125 people like you give then we can do this!

If you already support us with a regular gift, thank you so much! Will you consider doubling it this year? Whatever you can give in 2022 and beyond will help us finish building a platform that delivers Buddhism to everyone who would benefit from the Dharma in the most challenging times.

If you can, donate and help us reach more people like you

Make a regular gift and we can build a Buddhist Centre for everyone, everywhere! 

Thank you from our team and from the online community around the world!

May you be well!

P.S. Read the Adhisthana Community’s message of support on donating £1,000!

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