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#EthicalChristmas: Wildmind - Supporting Ethical Businesses

On Sun, 7 December, 2014 - 13:53
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As a small independent enterprise, Wildmind is keen to support artisans and local producers where possible. Many of the items that we sell are Fair Trade products, where local artisans in Nepal and India work in good conditions and are fairly recompensed for their labors. Other items we sell are made locally in and around New Hampshire, where we’re based.

Here are a few of the items we sell…


The Kindseat meditation stool


The Kindseat meditation stool is made from beautiful birchwood ply which is sourced from sustainably managed forests from Finland. The Kindseat is shipped internationally through a courier company that operates a carbon offsetting scheme to care for the environment. It is professionally manufactured in the UK on a computer controlled machine and hand finished by an established company that also produces furniture for young people with special needs. The Kindseat was designed by Viramitra, an Order member who lives in the UK.


Zafu/Zabuton Combination

Made specially for Wildmind by a local seamstress, our cotton Zafu/Zabuton Combination comes in a choice of red, forest green, black, or royal blue.

Both our zafus and zabutons are made from hard-wearing cotton twill. 

The zafu (the round meditation cushion) is generously filled with organic buckwheat hulls. The cover contains a zipper so that the buckwheat hulls can be replenished or removed for washing.

The zabuton (the floor mat) also has a removable cover, and is stuffed with cotton batting inside an inner cover.

Both items proudly bear Wildmind’s own label. We’re happy to guarantee these products for five years, and if you have any problems related to defects, we’ll give a free replacement.

Old Palmwood Wrist mala

Old Palmwood Wrist mala


Hand-made exclusively for Wildmind by “Buddha Bob,” this mala of polished old palmwood makes a perfect accompaniment to mantra recitation, or can simply be a beautiful decorative object.

“Buddha Bob” is a former prison inmate who was part of a prison meditation class run by a number of Order members from Aryaloka Buddhist Center. Prior to his release he started selling malas in order to provide a financial cushion and ease his transition to the outside world.

This mala has 25 beads, plus a larger guru bead made of buri wood. It is securely strung, and has an imitation silk tassel.

Six Inch Hand-beaten Singing Bowl

Six Inch Hand-beaten Singing Bowl


This hand beaten bowl is one of our Fair Trade products. It’s an exceptional example of traditional craftsmanship. It is made by Nepalese craftsmen with a special 7-metal alloy that produces a powerful harmonic resonance when played. It comes with a wooden striker.

Prayer Wheel Earrings, Turquoise and Silver

Turquoise and Silver Prayer Wheel Earrings

A superb example of a Fair Trade product, these little prayer wheel earrings bear the Tibetan sacred mantra of compassion, Om Mani Padme Hum. These prayer wheels actually spin, and are not merely decorative!

Each earring is accented with a tiny garnet spinning bead. Made with Sterling Silver and Turquoise, the mantra is in brass.

Large Tara Prayer Flag Set

Large Tara Prayer Flag Set


This Fair Trade gift is a set of five large prayer flags printed with the image and mantra of Tara. Tara is known as the goddess of compassion or The Swift One because of her immediate response to those requesting her aid. She is also called the Liberator and goddess who grants all wishes, and is regarded as a fully awakened Buddha. She is said to have been born from a lotus blossom that sprang from a tear shed by Avalokitesvara, the Bodhisattva of compassion.

These prayer flags are printed from hand carved woodblocks in the traditional manner. The five flag colors represent the five elements: Blue (earth), White (water), Red (fire), Saffron (infinite space), and Green (winds).

This purchase helps to provide food, shelter, and psychological support to former Tibetan political prisoners.

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