Bristol Buddhist Centre's BAM jumble sale for a local refugee charity

On Mon, 12 June, 2017 - 21:26
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sarah thorne

On Saturday 10th June, we held a BAM jumble sale to raise money for Bristol Refugee Rights - a local charity supporting our city’s refugees and asylum seekers. Many of us were involved in organizing the event, sorting all the jumble that members of the sangha had donated in the weeks leading up to the sale, running the event on the day, and making some amazing cakes for the tea and cake stall!

Our sale raised a wonderful £570.85!   Bristol Refugee Rights are delighted as they are fundraising to raise £20,000 to keep their early years provision and creche open.  

On the day there was a great atmosphere and buzz in the centre - just wonderful to see it so busy with a wide range of people from our local community.  Centre neighbours and members of the public were generous and many were so pleased when they heard all proceeds were going to Bristol Refugee Rights that they made an extra donation.

What really stays with me is the feeling of community and a real sense of openess and generosity. Not only the donations of items or money but the team looking out for each other and offering each other breaks, members of the public who were so friendly, helping when a clothes rail collapsed or giving others some time to decide on an item rather than swoop in.  I like the memory of the young man who fell off his bike opposite the Centre. We called out to him, to check he was OK and encouraged him to come in for a cuppa to settle himself. The next time I saw him, he was in the Centre, buying a number of items! A lovely day, with a strong sense of having made a really meaningful connection with our local community.

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