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Buddhist Action Month 2023

Wed, 17 May, 2023 - 12:38

Just in case you are wondering if there is a theme for BAM this year, this is what the Network of Buddhist organisations writes:

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People to People Project, Nagpur: 2021-2022 Report

From Triratna News on Fri, 29 Jul, 2022 - 12:32

We are happy to share the People to People Project report 2021-2022.

People to People is a social charity in Nagpur, Maharashtra. Started in 2008 by the initiative of Tejadhamma Khobragade and others, running projects for the upliftment of the underprivileged at Amravati, Bhandara, and Nagpur districts in India. People to People works in the areas of education, the empowerment of women, youths development, culture, and health. At present projects are being run in urban slums...

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BAM activities in Mainland Europe

Fri, 10 Jun, 2022 - 11:38

Judging by this space it looks like not much is happening with BAM this month of June.
I know this is not the case.

In Mainland Europe I’m aware of these events:

Please feel free to share what you’re doing at your...

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Centre Team

What is Buddhist Activism? (The Buddhist Centre Podcast, Episode 427)

From Buddhist Centre Features on Sat, 23 Apr, 2022 - 17:38

To mark Earth Day 2022, we’re joined by four friends who, one way or another, are involved with Buddhist activism. From the Buddhafield project to XR Buddhists to Silent Rebellion, we hear tales from the edge of socially engaged Buddhist practice, exploring what, if anything, Buddhists have to offer the world of protests, disruptions and often polarized issue-based politics. 

Amaragita, Katja Behrendt, Priyadaka and Yogaratna offer a thoughtful set of reflections in articulating why a distinctive Buddhist approach to urgent issues...

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Time to get planning for Buddhist Action Month 2022

Tue, 19 Apr, 2022 - 11:23

The theme for this year is Compassion and Connection in Times of Crisis

Here is a link to the BAM 2022 space on the website of the Network of Buddhist Organisations where you can find ideas, links and so on. 

You can find the same information as a pdf here: BAM 2022

And here’s a link to the leaflet Five Ways to Wellbeing which has been produced by the Good Thinking project and can be freely shared.


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Engaged Buddhism: Ideas and Inspiration - how do we speak up as Buddhists?

Thu, 25 Mar, 2021 - 10:38

Kaspa Thompson from the Network of Buddhist Organisations writes:

Engaged Buddhism: Ideas and Inspiration —how do we speak up as Buddhists?
April 14th 19:00 - 20:00 BST
As Buddhists we are called upon to alleviate suffering, to transform ourselves and the world through dialogue, and to speak out about injustice and the degradation of our ecosystems.

What kind of action do we want to take? Bring your ideas, large or small. Listen to...

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Online six week course The Burning House - starts 18 March

Mon, 8 Mar, 2021 - 14:56

Shantigarbha will be offering an online event for BAM on the theme of his book The Burning House: A Buddhist response to the climate and ecological emergency in the run up to its publication in August by Windhorse Publications.

More details to follow later.

Shantigarbha is also offering an online course on the theme of his book:
The Burning House (six-week course) from 18 March
How can we wake up and respond to the...

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The Buddhist Action Month Handbook is here

Mon, 8 Mar, 2021 - 13:47

Here is a message from the Network of Buddhist Organisations:

Buddhist Action Month is in June and the Buddhist Action Month Handbook is now available. The handbook contains information about the theme for 2021, and ideas and inspiration for actions.

Download it now and start getting ready for BAM

Please do pass the handbook onto your group leaders and centre managers and start a conversation about what your community can do...

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Introducing Buddhist Action Month 2021 - Network of Buddhist Organisations

Mon, 8 Feb, 2021 - 10:57

Lion’s Roar: Speaking up in a Troubled World - Buddhist Action Month 2021

Kaspa Thompson from the Network of Buddhist Organisations is setting up Buddhist Action Month 2021 and writes:

There are many troubles in the world. Much of the world lives in poverty. There is violence against individuals and groups of people. The climate crisis continues to unfold causing extreme weather events. We are destroying habitats. We are in the midst of a global...

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