Bristol Buddhist Centre

We're under way!

On Fri, 13 March, 2015 - 22:47
jvalamalini's picture
This afternoon the spaces in Bristol Buddhist Centre were transformed - what used to be a shop at the front of the building is now a food preparation and dining room, and the shrine room has become a wonderful five Buddha mandala. Kumuda’s wonderful paintings of the Jinas fill the walls and we have a beautiful 5 Buddha shrine in the centre of the room.

As Alyson reminded me as people arrived - this is magic!

It was delightful to spend the evening sitting in this mandala, enclosed and held by the Buddhas, in a circle of friends. Each Buddha was invoked with a short verse, then the people sitting in his realm (that area of the shrine room) each introduced themselves and their intention for the retreat, and offered a candle to dedicate that wish. We chanted the mantra of that Buddha, then moved into the next realm.

Once our many sincere aspirations were voiced and individually dedicated, we recited the dedication ceremony.

And all left quietly into the night towards our own homes and beds….

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