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Day 8: meditating, rejoicing, puja to Bhante, and clear up!

On Sat, 21 March, 2015 - 20:53
jvalamalini's picture

Late post today - it’s been a full last day.

We had our usual silent meditative morning, with more beautiful words from Ratnavandana. The shrine room felt very still as we sat with her open approach to practising with all the brahma viharas again.

After lunch - and much rejoicing in Ratnavandana, the team, and the retreat - we did a puja to Sangharakshita, ending with dismantling the central five Buddha shrine. I found it beautiful to stand together around the empty space in the room which has held so much colour and meaning all week.

I think it’s a sign of how well the retreat went that people gave generously to Ratnavandana, and the clear-up went so smoothly. And that Ratnavandana is as full of gratitude as we are!

Personally, I’m very satisfied to have seen this retreat manifest so fully at the Buddhist Centre. I’m sure it’ll have positive effects on the Sangha here for some time yet. And who knows what effect in the wider world?

Many, many thanks to Ratnavandana for sharing her beautiful practice so fully, and to Karunavapi and Vimalavajri for their immense virya and care on the team. Many thanks to Candradasa for long days of work on the audio editing for the online material making it available to the world - such an inspired vision! Thanks to everyone who participated so fully in the retreat. And enormous thanks to Sangharakshita, our doorway to the Dharma life.

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