Bristol Buddhist Centre

Day 7: All Brahma Viharas & Vairocana

On Fri, 20 March, 2015 - 14:55
jvalamalini's picture

Today is the Spring Equinox, and this morning brought the mysterious dim-bright light of a partial solar eclipse, before turning into a glorious sunny day. We’re at that stage of the retreat when the end is in sight and my mind starts turning to other things, yet we still have this special chance to drop deeply into the divine abodes.

This morning Ratnavandana talked about “bhavana” as tending the conditions for growth. Just as with plants in a garden, you need to keep in mind what you wish for, and have understanding of what is needed at any stage. Similarly, you sometimes have to wait receptively while it seems nothing is happening!

She read another heart-opening excerpt from ‘Spoonface Steinburg’ before guiding us in a very beautiful, open and sensitive practice to cultivate any and all of the brahma viharas.

Ratnavandana’s awareness of beauty also manifests in her love of photography of the natural world - she’s been out talking photos of spring flowers in the local park some afternoons.

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