Bristol Buddhist Centre

Day 6: Upekkha & Ratnasambhava

On Thu, 19 March, 2015 - 15:17
jvalamalini's picture
A cold bright day in Bristol, and a deep quiet atmosphere in the Buddhist Centre, as we move into cultivating upekkha (equanimity).

As a brahma vihara, equanimity is more than the dictionary definition of ‘calm and composed especially in adversity’. It is a composite of metta, karuna and mudita pervaded by Dharmic understanding, like metta with a wisdom eye. It sees joy and suffering, their conditionedness and the constant flux of everything.

After just sitting in the mandala, we did equanimity writing exercises. We each ‘wrote a letter’ about a painful or joyous time, then replied to someone else’s letter from the point of view of wisdom. I found this very heart-opening and interesting - I noticed I was somewhat wary of bringing a wisdom perspective as without enough metta and empathy it would so easily be dismissive.

Ratnavandana led us in upekkha bhavana - a beautiful reflective practice.

Looking forward to a Ratnasambhava puja this afternoon, and Ratnavandana speaking about her personal practice and experience of equanimity this evening.
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