Bristol Buddhist Centre

Connections between the Brahma Viharas and Jinas

On Thu, 19 March, 2015 - 15:34
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We can restore our innate mirror-like wisdom, transform our hatred, by developing Love-Metta. In this way we become like the blue Buddha Akshobhya.

We can restore our innate all-distinguishing wisdom, transform our greed and attachment, by developing Compassion-Karuna. In this way we become like the red Buddha Amitabha.

We can restore our innate all-performing wisdom, transform our envy and jealousy, by developing Sympathetic Joy-Mudita. In this way we become like the green Buddha Amoghasiddhi.

We can restore our innate wisdom of equality, transform our arrogance and pride, by developing Equanimity-Upekkha. In this way we become like the yellow Buddha Ratnasambhava.
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I just wanted to say Im really appreciating your efforts in making this retreat more widely available. I’m following you at home in my own raggedy way with my children and partner down with a sickness bug ! Thankyou very much this is very much what I need!
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Hi Sheena, Thanks for saying, I’ve been enjoying imagining the retreat affecting people around the world and it’s great to hear about the circumstances of your life and have a real sense of someone out there! Where are you? Metta to you and your family.
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We’re in Worcester- thinking of you all down in Bristol tonight. Sincere thanks once more x x x